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Spray Tan Irvine 

Beautyrokz Professional Mobile Tanning Brings The Tan Salon Right To You In Irvine. Its Awesome!

at Beautyrokz we have over 9yrs experience & 150 positive reviews across facebook and google so this means you can rest assured that you get the very best spray tan results. With Chico (my wee fiat 500) I bring the spray tan salon to you in Irvine to give a tan is flawless and leaves you looking and feeling GREAT. Contact us today for an appointment wink 

Dont Bother With The Hassle Of Going To The Tanning Salon

I'm based in Prestwick and the majority of my clients, who i have had for many years, live in Irvine and the surrounding Girdle Toll, Dreghorn & Bourtreehill. Just a 10 minute drive along the road I am available for late appointments to suit you if you cant get to the salon due to work or family commitments. Why travel all the way in to Irvine town center for a sunbed or a beauty salon when the professional tanning salon can come right to you. Stay in your comfies, pour yourself a wine and get tanned. BOOM. 

Spay Tan Salon Irvine

  • Full Body Spray Tans
  • Tans From Only £15
  • Wedding Tan Fitting Service
  • Hen Nights
  • Day Out At Ayr Racecourse
  • Spray Tan With Pals & Save
  • As Its In Your House its Always Relaxed
  • Feel Comfortable & At Ease
  • 10 Spray Tan Products
  • Stand Out With Bold Dark Spray Tan 
  • Enhance Your Look With Subtle Light Tan
  • Late Appointments Available
  • Loyalty Cards Means You Can Save & Tan 


Our Prices Range From only £15 - £24. Nice Cheap Spray Tans Irvine (save on money with no loss on quality) Full Body SprayTans, Tanning Parties Wioth Pals; Host Goes FREE. Irvine Brides & Wedding Parties, Wedding Fitting Service With Spray Tans Designed For Brides In Mind.


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What is The Best Spray Tan To Suit You? 

Beautyrokz Has A Great Selection Of Spray Tan Brands. But Please, Worry Not I am Here To Advise You. 

At beautyrokz we do not believe in being tied to 1 spray tan brand as everyone is different. Different choices, different budgets and occasions. Why should you settle for 1 spray tan product just because its what the tanning salon has available? You might prefer a nice subtle tan, say you have a wedding or family gathering, you might have a big night out or date night planned and want to stand out and go dark and bold. We will have the spray tan just for you. Please don't get confused with all the sprat tans on offer, I always do a quick consultation, see what your preferences are, what skin type you are, what the occasion is, and I work with you to get the best results. Click below the spray tan brands and you can find out a little more on each, or simply message me and i will be happy to help. 

Beautyrokz Tans Cheap Spray Tan Irvine

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Bondi Sands Spray Tan Irvine

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Laurens Way Tan Irvine

laurens gold spray tan irvine


Xen-Tan Irvine

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You Are Never Fully Dressed Without A TAN!

Loyalty Cards From Beautyrokz Means You Can Save While You Are Tanning. 

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With Beautyrokz Loyalty cards each tan you get a tick, every 5 spray tans we want to reward you with a 6th HALF PRICE. If you refer on a friend who gets a spray tan we want to give you an extra tick too. If you are so kind to leave us an honest review on Facebook, or Google Maps and we will add another tick to the loyalty card. 1 step nearer to half price spray tan. 

Mobile Tanning Irvine

Wedding Spray Tan Irvine

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Spray Tans Parties Irvine

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Get The Best Spray Tan Results Possible.

Be sure to check out our vital handy guide on what to do Before & After and after a spray tan. This gives you advice on how to prepare your skin in time for the spray tan and what to do after the tan application to keep those great results working well into the following week. If you are a spray tan virgin and have never tanned before please do not hesitate to give me a shout. I am always happy to answer your questions. For additional tips & advice on spraytanning and self tanning at home you can contact beautyrokz through Facebook i will be happy to help. Be sure to keep up to date with our #TopTanTips on Instagram & Twitter. We also put together a full guide on all aspects of tanning on our Blog.

Fake Tan Accessories

For most of my clients, getting a spray tan is for that special occasion or night out. But sometimes for quickness, keeping the cost down, or like me going out pale gives you the absolute fear, then you just want to self tan at home. We can help with a range of the very best fake tan accessories on the market today. If you are just looking to keep your tan looking great at home, we have a great range of tanning accessories for you. Shop. Fake Tan Removal MittDeluxe Fake Tan Mitt.
Featured products
Tan Kit - 1 x Tan Eraser & 1 Tanning

Tan Kit - 1 x Tan Eraser & 1 Tanning Mitt

This fake tan kit is all you need to ensure your fake tan application is on point.  It includes the amazing tan eraser & deluxe velour fake tan application mitt. 

£10.00 Inc. VAT

Velour Tanning Mitt

Velour Tanning Mitt

Deluxe Tanning Mitt. Apply your fake tan evenly and without any streaks giving the perfect finish. Every girl needs this amazing tanning mitt

£6.00 Inc. VAT

MakeUp Removal Mitt

Make-Up Removal Mitt

Make Up removal mitt. This ultra soft exfoliating mitt makes removing makeup easy. Say good bye to face wipes and hello to the makeup mitt

£6.00 Inc. VAT

tan eraser

Tan Eraser

Remove fake effortlessly. Remove a bad tan if you have had a disaster. Exfoliate old tan away for the next new streak free application

£6.00 Inc. VAT