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Hi. My name's Angela, founder of beautyrokz. I have been providing spray tans for women across Ayrshire and the West of Scotland since 2009. All tanning completed in their homes through my mobile spray tan salon. I turn up, pop up a small tent then give you a flawless tan. 

I am professionally trained & insured. Working in the beauty industry for many years has given me great experience in tanning products and techniques. I have gained an extensive client list who come back to me time and time again and have over 205 5 star reviews across the web. So you know you are in safe hands and will get a 5 Star Tanning Experience. Even at Home. 

What I love about my job is I get to meet so many lovely ladies, making them feel at ease while getting their spray tan, and when I see the end results on social. So why not make an appointment today and join the many women who love the convenience mobile tanning today?

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Why A Mobile Spray Tan Salon?

My aim at Beautyrokz is to make getting and staying tanned easy. If you live in a small town or village in Ayrshire, it can be tricky (or just a pain) to get to the beauty salon for a spray tan appointment. This is because there are no airbrush tanning salons, beauty salons that don't offer tanning or the beauty salon is small with limited spaces. If you are looking for airbrush tanning outside of the standard business hours in the evening or on a Sunday, beautyrokz can help.

More Reasons To Choose Mobile Spray Tanning


One of the key benefits of spray tanning is comfort. You have your spray tan done in a familiar setting. You can wear what you want beforehand and feel absolutely at ease during the tanning process. What's more relaxed than being in the comfort of your own home, feeling safe & secure. No need to feel self-conscious, getting a spray tan in your own home leads to better results because of this. 


After a spray tan, there is always a drying off period. The products used in spray tanning are quick-drying, however, as time goes on, they develop in the depth of the colour. If you are having to drive to a beauty salon. In Kilmarnock or tanning salon in Ayr, on the way home you will have to put on your seatbelt and having this rub against your neck or collar bone will affect the spray tan results.

And of course, you have to make that walk to the car park or get public transport after getting the tan. If you have had a spray tan before you will know that directly after the tan application you look very dark and not so great. Imagine having to walk through the Rivergate in Irvine to pick up your car or even having to go through Kilmarnock bus station to get the bus home to Kilmaurs?

Mobile tanning means you can relax in your PJs & dressing gown
after your tan  without anyone seeing you dash from the salon. BOOM! 

Fake Tanning for Busy Mums.

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Got Your Hands Full

Working Full Time 

Working Household As Well

Got a New Baby To Look After

Hard Find Time For Yourself

Taking Kids To Salon Nightmare

Want To Look Your Best

Mobile Tanning Is Perfect For You

Make A Little Time For Yourself

You might be a busy mum (as I am) and have your hands full with the kids. The idea of taking a toddler with you for a spray tan to a salon and having them sit still for 30 mins while you get tanned is just not a realistic option. Even if you are a new mum with a little baby to look after, the same applies. 

The beauty of mobile tanning in Ayrshire is that you get a great, natural-looking tan from the comfort of your home. We fit in your appointment with your lifestyle. There is no stress of travelling with a small child or attempting to find a babysitter. I will always take into consideration your family situation and accommodate accordingly. I understand that you may feel its not the "perfect" setting for a spray tan machine. Still, all we need is a tiny little space for the tent, and that's it.


Have you ever gone into a beauty salon and asked for a spray tan and they just give you whatever fake tan products they have? At Beautyrokz, we offer a multitude of sunless tanning products to suit any skin tone, occasion or budget. Unlike many salons, we aren't tied to certain spray tanning products. Instead, beautyrokz understands that everyone is different and requires a different look or shade. We do not do fake bake, many clients do ask, but we would have to do that exclusively so we choose not stock fake bake. 

Beautyrokz can also help you select the best tan for you if you're unsure which tan to pick. For example, you may have an outfit that would dictate a lovely subtle shade, so we would suggest beautyrokz 12%. Or you may have a night out clubbing or day out to Ayr Races for the Scottish Grand National, and you really want something bold but natural, then we would say the Laurens Way fake tan 16%.

Alternatively, you may be going out that same day, and you are someone (like yours truly) who needs a bit of colour to go out. You don't want to apply fake tan yourself, and you need a quick tan spray. In these situations, we suggest using rapid tan products such as the Laurens Way 60 minute or beautyrokz 60-minute tan. These are quick-drying & fast-acting for a great sun kissed colour pronto.


A budget may also have a say in what is the best spray tan for you. We have all been in a position where we are looking to save a bit of money, and that's why beautyrokz have a range of prices starting from as little as £18 for a full body spray tan. You also might like the luxurious tan regularly, then we have that as well.


Lying out in the sun or on a sunbed, especially long term, can have a profound consequence to your skin, the way you look and to your overall health. Sunbeds give out harmful UV rays which damage your skin. It can make it look wrinkled, older or leathery (not a good look). The UV rays from sunbeds can also damage the DNA in your skin cells, and over time this damage can build up to cause skin cancer. Sunbeds can sometimes be marketed as a 'controlled way' of getting a 'safer tan'. But actually, sunbeds are no safer than exposure to the sun itself, and the amount of UV people receive varies enormously too

IARC (International Agency for Research on Cancer) agrees there is sufficient evidence to show that using regular use of a tanning bed causes malignant melanoma. The most severe form of skin cancer. If you would like more info, please visit our dangers of sunbeds blog on the research.

They also conclude that sunbeds provide no positive health benefits. Sunbeds don't protect against further damage from the sun. Modern sunbeds emit mostly UVA rays, but UVB rays can make up anywhere from 0.5-4% of their total output. These emissions can be comparable to the midday sun. And the amount of UVA given off can be 10-15 times higher than the midday sun. Modern-day self-tan & spray tan products have come a long way, and the majority (not all but most) out there give brilliant natural colour. So if you are looking for "sunbed near me" try beautyrokz instead. 




Why Beautyrokz to Provide Your At Home Spray Tan?

You may be wondering why you should choose beautyrokz over any other airbrush spray tanning or mobile spray tanning in Irvine, Kilmarnock, Ayr , Troon or any other towns in Ayrshire? Let me tell you a wee bit more about beautyrokz and the benefits of mobile spray tans

First off I have over 13 years’ experience applying tans to a range of skin types and tones and for a variety of occasions. I am also fully insured have an amazing array of products, will always work to your schedule and will happily come to your home very late for a spray tan.

It’s not out of the ordinary for me to be doing a spray tan in Coylton at 1030pm on a Thursday night for a client or a getting up early to tan a wedding party in Stewarton for before 9am. I love my job and I always strive to make my clients feel at ease and  happy with the results, and this has led to over 70 5 star spray tan reviews on google and yell.com as well as numerous amount  of feedback on social media commenting on the results and being happy with the service. 

I am genuinely interested in finding the best fake tan and tanning spray and regularly blog about the subject, taking into considerations what clients are concerned about, such as wedding tans, the best self tanner, how to achieve the perfect tan, or  the safety of spray tanning while pregnant. These are just some of the subjects I have covered on my blog. I am always looking to improve, my home spray tan kits, and use the latest tech to achieve the best results.

Please look through our website in detail and connect with us on social media to keep up to date. If you have any questions feel free to contact me in any way, I will always be happy to help. 


Spray tan areas covered by Beautyrokz

Spray Tan Prestwick

My home town is Prestwick, and I know it very, very well. I'll admit there are some great salons out there all along the main street. Where we differ is none offer the convenience of late night appointments and the choice of products which Beautyrokz offer.

Spray Tan Kilmarnock

With Kilmarnock less than 5 miles away, it's easily accessible along the A77. I have many lovely regular clients who love a spray tan in Kilmarnock and prefer the tan at home to travelling to a beauty salon. What my clients love is the choice of products I have compared to most local beauty salons in kilmarnock. This means I have something to suit all skin tones (including spray tan for fair skin and dark skin), occasions (including wedding spray tan) and budgets. So just sit back at home, let me travel 15 minutes to you and spray tan you in a super relaxed atmosphere (your home)

Spray Tan Ayr

Along the road from me in Prestwick I can get to anyone in Ayr within 10 minutes. My clients in Ayr really love Bondi Sands, which has become a popular tan choice in the area. If you are too busy to get to one of the beauty salons in town that do spray tans, you are not looking to risk a spray tan booth, or, you are more health-conscious. You do not want to spend time at the sunbeds then mobile tanning is just the ticket for you. We have appointments to suit you and work around your busy schedule. 

Spray Tan Irvine

The vast majority of my clients come from Irvine or the surrounding areas of Girdle Toll, Dreghorn, Bourtreehill, Lawthorn, Springside and more. With the majority of tanning salons in the centre of Irvine, it can be a hassle driving in and parking, or getting the bus to your beauty salon. Many of my clients prefer the convenience of at-home spray tan solutions that fit in with their lifestyle. 

Spray Tan Troon

There is little choice of salons in Troon. So, I have been providing at-home spray tanning to clients in this area who are looking for a great, affordable and easy way to get a long-lasting glow. 5 minutes down the road we can fit you in with an appointment to suit you. 

Spray Tans Ayrshire

I travel all throughout Ayrshire and fit in many clients in all the wee towns and villages. I also go to hotels for wedding tans and for visitors coming into this beautiful region. If you cant get to the salon, there is no salon near you just can't fit the time in to get to the tanning salon then I can help. Some areas I travel to there may be a little travel supplement. Still, you can find out all the details here areas covered. If you have any questions about the travel, products, services or tanning at home, please feel free to email, call or contact me through Facebook.

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Fake Tan Help

We are also here to help you at beautyrokz. We want to pass on our years of experience when it comes to all things tanning. We have tried and tested, techniques, products & accessories. We regularly blog about this and put out regular tips through our social channels. Check out our essential, handy easy to read Before & After information. For the Absolute best results, check out or Preparation & Aftercare Blogs. They will help you achieve maximum super sexiness & increase the longevity of the tan.

I will be happy to answer any questions you may have. If you need any help and advice, please feel free to contact beautyrokz through Facebook I will be glad to help. You can also check out our regular #TopTanTips on Instagram