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Amazing Laurens Way Tan

Fantastic Friendly Service by beautyrokz

18/09/2013 by LittleGemsJewel yell.com 5 stars

Fantastic, friendly service from BeautyRokz! Angela has a few brands to choose from including the amazing Lauren's Way tan which I chose. She also has a choice of intensity of colours, depending on how dark you want to go. After discussing my preferences, Angela advised me to choose the darker version as it would suit my colouring. The spray tan itself was quickly and easily applied and this particular brand dries quicker than most so by the time Angela had tidied up I was able to get dressed. She then gave me some good after-care advice to prolong the length of my tan and also some special tips for going on holiday in relation to pool use, moisturising, etc. The initial colour was really nice and golden and develops over time (this one was 6 hours I think but I always keep it on overnight). After my shower in the morning, the guide colour rinsed off to reveal a beautiful, bronzed, even tan. Preparation is definitely key to getting a great result - Angela has some good tips on her website for this. All in all, BeautyRokz provide a professional, friendly, quick and affordable service - best of all getting it done at home means you can avoid the after-tan, super-brown "walk of shame" out of the salon!

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