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Guide to Fake Tan Perfection - Next Level Shit.

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It has come to the final part of our guide to achieving the perfect tan. We have had the essentials, in preparing your skin for the tan, applying fake tan, and then the aftercare to ensure your glowing for days. PREPAPPLICATION & AFTERCARE.

Now if you follow the steps in the previous guides, you should be well on your way to getting the perfect TAN. In this blog we are taking it up a notch, several tips and techniques to give you a truly bitchin tan. For me it's about real-looking skin, the skin needs to act as a background colour so that it complements the rest of your look - your hair, nails and importantly. Your outfit . The trick is for your tan not to overpower your look, so these tips will simply enhance the tan with a subtle sexiness.

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Fake Tan Tips

  • Layering

Apply your tan using a mitt, wait 1 hour then apply a second layer. Always layer on the same day. This gives a sensual deep luscious tan

  • Buffing

Once self-tan has been applied don a buffing mitt & gently dab away build of tan. This ensures streak free even colour

  • Contouring

Your tan on the body is a must if you'll be showing arms and shoulders in a strapless gown. An extra layer of product on top of your existing colour should be applied sparingly from the top of the shoulder and dragged under the arms. A trusted mousse applied with a tanning mitt helps make this easy and effective

  • Get Noticed! 

Maximise your cleavage by contouring. Put on push-up bra then shade from the top of breasts down into the cleavage

  • Glistening

limbs look leaner & sexier. A spritz of Johnsons Baby Oil Spray, on arms & legs will help your tan come back to life

  • Legs For Days.

The perfect way to set off your new tan Run a shimmer stick along the shins to help elongate the legs.

  • Beach Style

Apply thick moisturiser after self-tan application to give the skin that glowing, holiday, just out of the sea look.

  • Stand Out.

The finishing touch to self-tan. Add a bronzer to the collar bone and tops of the shoulders to finish off the luminous glow.

  • Finishing Touch.

A small amount of blusher to the apples of your cheeks, otherwise the tan can look too uniform and flat. swirl a soft blusher brush into them and lightly sweep my cheeks for a seamless effect.

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Well that should be on the road to tan perfection. These rules apply whether it’s a self-tan at home or if you get a spray tan done at the salon.

If you need any help and advice please feel free to contact beautyrokz through Facebook i will be happy to help. You can also check out our regular #TopTanTips on Instagram & Twitter

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Happy Tanning

Angela @ Beautyrokz X

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