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Guide To Fake Tan Perfection - Apply

Best Way to Apply Fake Tan

Welcome to the 2nd part of our #TopTanTips blog. Achieving fake tan perfection – The Application
In this section it’s all about the application. To get a flawless all over glowing tan getting beautyrokz to bring the salon to you is great (if you are in Ayrshire). But, sometimes you want to quick n easy self tan. I know I do.
So, when you are looking to top up your tan for a night out. Need to look your best at work. Or, like me, you hate being pale in pretty much every and any situation. Follow the instructions below, and the application should be made easy. When you combine that with the prep instructions from previous blog in the guide, you should be on your way to achieve a great flawless tan.
applying self tan. tanning mitt

Applying Fake Tan

  • Good loud tunes. Preferably up-tempo Glass / bottle of wine & Get READY TO GET your Tan on.
  • Wait. Avoid applying fake tan straight after bath or shower. Hot skin can cause fake tan to drip causing streaks. Let body cool 1st, Rubbing ice on the face will also close the pores
  • Tools. Use Disposable Gloves for application. The tighter the better for smooth application. For protection of your hands, any drips or leaky mitt.
  • MITT IS A MUST FOR BEST RESULTS! I prefer to use the deluxe velour tanning mitt by glmr works.

For long lasting fake tan

fake eraser | fake tan removal mitt. fake tan mitt

  • Applying Fake Tan

fake tan using a mitt, apply 2 or 3 dabs, then FOLD the mitt in half to soak up any excess product off. Start with the face then work down the body in stages, leaving the hands and feet until last. Work in circular sweeping motion on the neck, down onto the chest then stomach. Go across the shoulders over the back letting the mitt do the work. Do the lower back, then round the sides ensuring even coverage. Do the legs in downward circular motion, turning the mitt around the legs as you move down. Bend the knees and sweep across, this will stop any crease marks.
  • Fake Tan for Face

When applying self tan to face on the tanning mitt, combine a small amount of moisturizer & fake tan product to give natural, lighter finish. This is good if you are nervous about the finish or the desired look is more natural.
  • Tanning Feet & Hands

This is a tricky 1 and is the easiest thing to get wrong. All the hard work you’ve done creating a beautiful bronzed bod is pointless if people simply notice your orange hands. When applying fake tan to feet, use excess product from the legs over the feet & ankles. The same rules apply to the hands. Do not put product directly onto the hands. Simply work the product down from the arms across the wrists on the hands. It will ensure even, not too dark, tan.
  • Avoid
Too much tan at once (you can add another layer later) Apply your tan using a mitt, wait 1 hour then apply a second layer. Always layer on the same day. If you’re fair & want to go dark, do couple of applications of light/med shade. This works well rather than a dark shade; it gives a more natural look.
  • Drying
Tan takes longer to dry when weather gets this cold. Speed up with hairdryer. Low cool setting avoids streaks
  • Easy does it
Make sure you don’t vigorously rub in yourself tan. Gentle smoothing is all U need, then you can let the product do its work
  • Check it…. Twice!
When applying tan, make sure you’re done ALL OVER don’t worry if you do the same area twice, tan will only be patchy if you miss. Don’t be tempted to reapply Fake Tan everyday this could leave your tan looking far from natural! Continually moisturize to prolong.
For the perfect tan its lots of little simple steps and when done right the results can be amazing. If you simply grab a bottle fling it on, then it can be disastrous. Take your time, get a routine and you will be a master in know time.
If you need any help and advice please feel free to contact beautyrokz through Facebook i will be happy to help. You can also check out our regular #TopTanTips on Instagram

Happy Tanning

Angela @ Beautyrokz x

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