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History of Fake Tanning

The Legend of Sunless Tanning

Tanning products have come such a long way since their inception. Up until the 1920’s a porcelain complexion was the epitome of beauty. Creamy, pale skin, dark hair (with chrome cigarette holder always on tow) was the height of fashion.


As legend has it; Coco Chanel changed all that in the mid-twenties when the iconic fashionista was partying too hard on her yacht in Cannes (as you do) got too much sun and then returned to the spotlight with a sun kissed looked.

Everyone was astounded!



Home made fake tan

Women in the 40’s & 50’s used T-bags to replicate a natural tanned look, into the 60’s with the bikini radically changing swimsuit style, many would take to sun bathing for many many hours, with silver metallic UV reflectors and baby oil to increase tanning. Sunburn and peeling must have been rife.

In the late 70’s the first UV sunbed was brought to the market which seen an astronomical rise in the 80’s but started to fade out due to the direct link to an increased chance of skin cancer DANGERS OF UV

Donatella Versace Fake Tan Fail

Throughout the 90’s into 2000 more and more self-tan products came into the market, with varying degrees of results.

Thankfully, THANKFULLY, the time of the tango tan & the awful Oompa Loompa looks are in the past where they belong. Ladies, no longer do we have to suffer, physically, financially or cosmetically in the search of a nice wee holiday glow. There are now so many wonderful products out there and with the right prep, application & aftercare you can always look amazing.

@Beautyrokz we have the biggest choice of Spray Tan products in Ayrshire and our ethos is that your tan can now become an integral part of your outfit. The same way as you can choose the style of makeup you apply, or colour of your nails or lippy, you can now choose a tan (don’t worry I can help with this) which will complement your skin tone, outfit, new hair doo or occasion.

We have available;

Lauren’s Way Spray Tan

An elegant deep natural tan, very popular due to the show “the only way is Essex” – ideal for a spray tan virgin and bride looking for subtle tan. LW 16% Dark Tan, a beautiful bronzed dark tan for girls who want to stand out that wee bit more (my personal fave) We now also stock 60minute, for those that need to tan and go. It gives a beautiful luxurious finish. SEE OUR PRODUCT PAGE - Laurens Way

laurens way


12% – Light Tan A Gorgeous, Natural Looking Tan. Great for those who have a light complexion or are new to spray tanning. Great for Brides. 16% – Medium Tan a Delightfully Darker Natural Looking Tan. For the girl who prefers a slightly darker shade of tan or 1hr-Dark Tan A Wonderfully Dark Natural Shade Develops QUICKLY (1hour) for those who are looking to get tanned & go

No celeb endorsements yet, (maybe 1 day) but I love it as do many of my clients. see our products page Beautyrokz Spray Tan


As you can see is that no matter you have planned, whether it’s a night with the girls, clubbing, day at AYR races, wedding or just want to look great and feel amazing we can help you achieve the look you want.

If you need any help and advice please feel free to contact beautyrokz through Facebook i will be happy to help. You can also check out our regular #TopTanTips on Instagram

Happy Tanning

Angela @ Beautyrokz X


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