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The Perfect Festival Tan


It’s that time of the year again when the festivals in Scotland are upon us.

Glastonbury might be the biggest but we have the mentalist!

A festival so awesome it needs only 1 letter.




This year KASABIAN, NOEL GALLAGHER & PALOMO FAITH (who was amazing at Glastonbury) are just a few names on a great line up, so it should be amazing.

There is also The Wickerman Festival (i love this wee festival) with LULU & the SUGARHILL GANG bringing some retro to the Scottish Festival 

I love festivals & along with the music, dancing, banter and booze, there is now the hashtag!!

Joining the collective & posting your pics on twitter, Instagram & Facebook is customary & you want to look gorgeous.




One festival essential now is a glowing fake tan, but how can you make sure it lasts without suffering from dirty-looking faded patches when faced with all of the above?!

Did you check out the Coachella Pics??? 



Festival Chic 

Taking festival Chic to the next level. 





Now in the perfect world it will be bright and sunny with no clouds and will make the weekend soooo much better.

There nothin better than drinking outside in the sun, HOWEVER, this is scotland so we cannot predict this afternoon never mind next weekend. 

As warm weather style essentials go, a tan stands side by side with wellies, floral garlands, lipstick, colourful nails, and, of course shades (no matter what time or weather)

Three to five days in a tent with no running water can be a killer for the skin, so your beauty prep is going to be vital. Follow the steps below to help you along the way;

fake tan for festival 

festival fake tan essentials

  1. If you’re planning on having a spray tan before a festival, it’s really important to exfoliate thoroughly. This gets rid of any dead skin cells so the tan goes on nice and evenly. It also means the tan will fade evenly without patches.
  2. Apply a water based moisturizer all over your body andyour daily moisturizer on your face to hydrate your skin.
  3. Apply your Tan the day before, good spray tans last a week so even 2 days before will give you plenty time to be looking your best and get the other essentials (booze) ready.
  4. If you use an instant tan you must make sure the guide colour is washed off before you leave home as it is not waterproof!
  5. Keep applying moisturizer throughout the festival. This is key, as it will make the tan last.
  6. Choose a face moisturizer with a shimmer. It’s like a BB cream and can be used instead of a foundation, which is great when you’re hot and sweaty at a festival.
  7. A Tinted moisturizer at night (after a good cleanse with baby wipes) will help you looking fresh(er) in the morning
  8. Use a misting spray with moisturizer, as this can cool you down and regulate your PH levels.
  9. Don’t panic about being caught in the rain. Providing you washed your tan off before you headed to the festival, you will be fine. Your tan won’t start running or streaking.

What are you waiting for, there’s no excuse for rocking up to a festival without bronzed skin now! 

Angela @ Beautyrokz xx

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